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Yamaha A4000 memory upgrade

My new old Yamaha A4000 sampler had only the factory default random access memory of four megabytes, which translates to about 48 seconds of monaural sound at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz at 16-bit depth. Yes, we’re talking _mega_bytes, not gigabytes. Obviously a memory upgrade was in order, which also gave me a good excuse to have a look inside the unit. After removing the 16 screws in the case holding the cover in place, I found that it looked much like a PC – and in fact, it is a PC, although a special-purpose one. Read more →

Yamaha A4000 Professional Sampler

Recently I bought a Yamaha A4000 Professional Sampler on eBay, and since then I’ve been slowly building it up from its basic configuration. This acquisition is part of master plan that will be revealed in time… This unit was really very bare bones, with no manual, no expansions, just the default 4 MB of RAM, and no hard disk, but the standard 3.5” floppy drive. Most importantly, it didn’t come with the original content (the CD-ROM library) or any accessories (mainly the power cables for future expansions). Read more →

Hello, world (again)!

Setting up a new site. Time to finally ditch WordPress for a static website. Some links may be broken for a while until things settle down. Sorry about that. Read more →

Colorful source code in Terminal

Often it is quicker to take a look at a source code file in Terminal using the cat or less commands, instead of starting up an editor, especially if you don’t need to make changes. However, like myself, most developers are used to syntax highlighting, or presenting source code in various colours. It makes the different elements in the source code stand out, and helps with comprehension. I find that the older I become, the more I need syntax highlighting, and I think back to a time when it was not so common, amazed that I could make sense of anything. Read more →

Make multisamples on your iPad with SynthJacker

Picture this: a friend of yours has bought a nice vintage synth with great sounds, and wouldn’t you like to use those sounds in your own music-making? If only you could sample those sounds, but it seems like too much trouble… You would need to persuade your friend to let you borrow the synth, or you would need to visit them with your music-making setup, which nowadays is basically an iPad and an iOS-compatible audio interface. Read more →