MIDI File Generator for iOS and macOS

MIDI File Generator makes it easy to prepare MIDI files to drive an autosampling solution. It uses the same MIDI file engine as SynthJacker, but if you want to record and process samples yourself, you can save a lot of clicking and tapping with MIDI File Generator.

The purpose of MIDI File Generator is to make Standard MIDI Files (SMF) that contain note sequences to be played back on a synthesizer that you want to sample. You can then record the playback and extract the individual notes from the waveform audio file. Note that MIDI File Generator does not play or record anything; it is only meant for generating MIDI files.

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MIDI File Generator in macOS

How to use MIDI File Generator

When MIDI File Generator starts up, it creates a new note sequence with default values. You can adjust these values with the controls on the screen.

The following information is adapted from the SynthJacker User Manual.

From Note determines the first note of the sequence.

To Note determines the last note of the sequence.

Interval selects the sampling interval. Depending on your target app, you don't need to sample every note. Instead you can rely on the sample interpolation skills of the app's engine. You can select 1–5 semitones, six semitones or a whole octave as the interval.

The Velocities section allows you to select the MIDI velocity values of the notes played, distributed evenly over a range of velocities over the full set of 1...127 defined by the MIDI standard. (Velocity zero cannot be selected here, because that would mean Note Off.)

Low Velocity is the start of the velocity range, and High Velocity is the end. Velocity Count determines how many velocities there will be inside the range. The display of the individual velocities is updated live.

The Timing determines how long the played notes are. The right values depend on the sound you are sampling, and typically requires some trial and error beforehand to make sure that the notes are played completely, and will not overlap.

Note Length determines the length of the MIDI note, from Note On to Note Off.

Note Decay determines how long the MIDI note will sound after Note Off.

Silence Between Notes allows you leave some silence between the notes just to be on the safe side.

The timing values can be adjusted in intervals of 0.1 seconds. The total length of one note in the sequence will be (Note Length + Note Decay + Silence) seconds.

When you have set all the note sequence options you need, click or tap the Generate MIDI File button.

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MIDI File Generator is available on the App Store and Mac App Store in selected countries.

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