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Book review: Data Science at the Command Line

No matter how handy graphical user interfaces are, the good old command line remains a useful tool for performing various low-level data manipulation and system administration tasks. It is the fallback when you need to do something that has no way of graphical control. Being much more expressive and open-ended than a predefined set of controls, the command shell is the ultimate control environment for your computer. Data science has become one of the most intensely practised computer applications, so it is no wonder that it also benefits greatly from the hands-on control approach of the command line shell. Read more →

Conifer Coaching – koodarit uusille urille

Taittuuko ohjelmointi sinulta mennen tullen, mutta osaaminen ei juuri nyt vastaa tämän päivän tarpeisiin? Ohjelmistoalalla teknologiat tulevat ja menevät, mutta aina pääsee kärryille. Anna Conifer Coaching -palvelun oraakkelin kertoa sinulle mikä on nyt hip ja pop, ja millä saa oikeasti aikaan: Web-palveluja Mobiilisovelluksia Serverisoftaa Data-analyysiä Internet of Thingsiä – eli Mitä Softantekijän Kannattaa Opetella Juuri Nyt, Ja Miten! Ei hypeä, vaan vastaamista todellisiin tarpeisiin. Palkattavuutta CV:si ja kiinnostustesi perusteella. Read more →

C# and F# on the Mac with Mono

Please note that this article is badly out of date since the release of .NET Core and Visual Studio for Mac. An updated article is in the planning stages. Mono is the open source .NET runtime for Windows, Linux, and OS X. It consists of the Mono runtime environment, libraries, and C# and F# compilers. Recently Mono has gained extra popularity due to Microsoft’s purchase of Xamarin, the makers of a cross-platform toolkit of the same name. Read more →

Semi-Autonomous, Programmable Drones Incoming

Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), be they quadcopters or other type of flyer, will become more “intelligent” as themselves or by forming swarms, as this TED Talk by Vijay Kumar at U. Penn shows. My interest in drones lies not in flying them myself live, because I’m a lousy pilot and don’t play games much anyway, but in making them follow a predetermined route and return back to the starting point – for example, surveying an object or estate, or even carrying cargo between waypoints. Read more →

LCD-like banners in Python

Back in 1998 or so, I wrote a CD player application for Microsoft Windows in Borland Delphi. It was for a magazine tutorial article, and I wanted a cool LCD-like display to show track elapsed and remaining time. There was a good one available for Delphi, called LCDLabel, written by Peter Czidlina (if you’re reading this, thanks once more for your cooperation). I’ve been thinking about doing a modern version of the LCD display component for several times over the years, and I even got pretty far with one for OS X in 2010, but then abandoned it because of other projects. Read more →